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Delivering high-impact training

We provide highly interactive training on topics ranging from leadership and the art of managing people to developing a lean mindset and emotional logic. Having experienced all manner of training over the years we use a variety of tools, often with powerpoint as a guiding structure, including videos as well as props like lego and cards. We typically introduce a specific learning element then explore it so that the learning is quickly embedded. 


Who we’ve helped


We have been supporting a leading FMCG market research and marketing consultancy develop its postioning and new market strategy and action as well as supporting key individuals to develop their management and leadership skills. From facilitating team away days to looking at personal effectiveness, our support has been wide-ranging and flexed to suit the key individuals over a number of years.


Supporting a global leader in mobility restraints, with a blended approach, providing executive leadership coaching supported by skills training to support the business through acquisition and COVID times to ensure clear strategic plans and actions. We have facilitated away days as well as providing lean training using the medium of lego to this business over a number of years.

Turning Business Ideas into Reality

We have developed our face to face consulting work to suit online delivery. One example has been our work delivering training for groups of start up businesses and entrepreneurs to help them to develop and test a business model for new product or service launches. Over the course of three half days, this delivery allows each person the opportunity to reflect on the impact that their idea can have, to get to know their customer and explore their value proposition(s). Looking at other elements such as channels and relationships, revenue streams and partnerships, this provides a great opportunity to develop a plan to bring ideas to market.



We supported a charity who were looking to develop their communication skills and relationships with customers. Through a series of conversations with key people, we designed a bespoke day which allowed the customer-facing team to spend a half day learning new skills and exploring ways to put them into practice. Running two-half days concurrently, allowed everyone to join the training, and saw the morning group putting their learning into practice immediately!

Helping people adapt, develop and grow

The Art of Managing People

We’ve built on an existing training course during the pandemic to deliver a course which suits groups of 8-10 people in a virtual environment. Sharing skills and tools we invite people to engage with each element and close with commitments for action. Feedback has been very positive and we are looking forward to delivering this face to face again when we can. Learning with coffee and cake has long been one of our methods!

  • In the last year, we have trained over

    300 people
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  • Our focus is on delivering training that results in


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