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Delivering clarity, direction and results for your business

Our consultancy practice is built from a range of commercial experiences and is and always will be bespoke for each client. Reflecting on the work we’ve done it is often about alignment and re-alignment of teams in order to drive success. With core skills in strategy and strategic thinking, and a flair for asking the difficult questions that help reach the root of the matter, we love to support our clients to move beyond from being stuck to being in flow.


Who we’ve helped

Automated Energy Management

Supporting an exemplar in helping utility companies and businesses alike save money and CO2 emissions via their novel control hub aligned to renewables.

Mentoring the Founding Directors to set the business strategy and sales and marketing plan, plus marketing essentials and messaging. With £multimillion orders in 2021 and 7 year forward contracts with some of the largest global energy companies the future is both clean and bright.

Pivoting to a new market

World leaders in health data software and services, we have supported this company to pivot from one speciality area to take advantage of the changing global health needs post covid. With support, the business is in prime position with key stakeholders and strong medical research relationships. We have also provided support in business development and marketing  and brand strategy. 

Marketing consultancy

The consultancy support  focussed on keeping the core expertise but pivoting to enter new sectors. Within six months significant new business was achieved doubling turnover of the core business. The accolade of Best Manufacturer of the year 2019, Manufacturing innovation award and the National Industry Award for Exceptional Sales Performance  are all the result of the business pivoting with success into new markets and effectively positioning their brand and services as a new and better choice versus sector specific established competitors. 

A Sustainable Future for a Heritage Trust

The Project

Cornwall Heritage Trust (CHT) is a registered charity whose mission is to preserve and promote the unique heritage of the Duchy. It owns and operates multiple historical sites and manages several attractions on behalf of English Heritage.

As with many other charitable organisations, the Covid-19 pandemic caused the trust to re-evaluate their operating and financial models. For CHT it highlighted how they were over-reliant on external and volatile investment income and the need for a viable plan to secure long-term sustainability.

During the pandemic-induced period of uncertainty the makeup of the board of trustees changed significantly. These factors  prompted CHT to ask South West Growth Service (SWGS) to conduct a root and branch review of the Trust’s business plans and priorities.

The Approach

“We were delighted  to assist”, said Chris Lorimer of SWGS, “we care deeply about South West heritage and CHT’s role is critical to protect and celebrate Cornish prehistory and history.”

SWGS identified the key themes CHT needed to address by using a wide range of evaluation approaches which Chris outlined:

“Desktop research, peer comparisons, site visits, in depth interviews with Trustees, staff and stakeholders all help to create an informed picture for detailed business planning.”

Armed with a well-researched understanding of CHT’s opportunities and constraints, SWGS held engagement workshops with trustees and staff to help shape conclusions.

“We were particularly interested in understanding the development opportunities around brand and identity, the CHT membership offering, volunteering activities and partnerships,” commented Lorimer.

The Outcome

SWGS presented clear recommendations to CHT that were fully endorsed by the trustees.  These included proposed changes to governance arrangements, new staff roles and a clear route to achieving financial sustainability.

“We‘re now in a much better place with a clear map for how to move the trust forward. Andrew and Chris quickly gained the confidence of the staff and trustees and created an environment where we could explore ideas and challenge our assumptions and each other.

Engaging with an outside organisation with such a wealth of experience and credibility got us to a situation where we’re clear about what we need to do to achieve our goals and deliver our mission. And, just as important, what we need to stop doing . We’ll be hitting our 40th anniversary with a much more resilient organisation and a clearer sense of purpose.”

Cathy Woolcock, CEO

Helping businesses to adapt, develop and grow

Aligning teams

We were invited in to support a regional business whose teams had not adapted following a merger with a much larger national organisation. Facilitating a series of alignment sessions, we enabled the group which was a mixture of people with local and national roles to talk openly with each other, build ways of working and address many of the issues which were bubbling along and getting in the way of working well together.

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