Griffin's Coronavirus Hub of financial information - updated daily

Griffin's Coronavirus Hub of financial information - updated daily

Although the term “unprecedented” has become somewhat overused in recent weeks, it really does summarise the current situation well. 

The coronavirus pandemic brings about problems that most of us will have never faced before, along with a headache for the current government who are crafting new schemes almost weekly. With updates being given daily, we felt it was important to create a single space where you can find everything that you need.


Griffin’s Coronavirus Hub is updated each day with any relevant financial information for companies, charities, sole traders, and self-employed individuals alike. There is lots of information about the available schemes on the internet, but we found that some of the more intricate nuances were difficult to identify. With that in mind, we are constantly reviewing government guidance to ensure that we are able to understand and relay the full picture.


For a comprehensive list of support, ranging from the Job Retention Scheme to available loans and grants, please feel free to use the information  compiled at

If you have any questions, or want some further clarity about anything coronavirus-related, please call Griffin on 01392 241228 or email [email protected]

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