Delivering Lean Operations for Profit, Service and Growth: 12/12/2018 - DBEC

Delivering Lean Operations for Profit, Service and Growth: 12/12/2018 - DBEC

Lean operations are essential for all organisations that are looking to scale up, removing wasteful activities that do not contribute to the customer experience or the bottom line. 

This introductory workshop is designed specifically for business owners, directors or managers who are looking to identify ways and approaches to introduce lean operations.

The course is underpinned by active learning through the use of business simulations that are high energy and high impact, providing learning insights for all businesses and organisations, across all sectors.

The day will provide you with an understanding of:

·         How lean operations improve organisational performance

·         What causes processes to be inefficient 

·         How to improve processes using a lean methodology

Previous workshop delegate said: 

“Head buzzing with ideas and excited to start implement change”











Refreshments will be provided on arrival

Introduction to Lean and operational improvement  

Business simulation 1 and review         


Identifying process inefficiency  


Business simulation 2 and review         

How to implement lean in your organisation            

Summing up and close of day

This workshop is led by South West Growth Service Director, Chris Lorimer. Chris is a lean process improvement expert who developed his insights through his MBA at Warwick University, fully deploying them as Head of Operational Excellence at Barclays where he introduced Lean across the Private and International Bank. He led multiple award winning lean process improvement projects, has been a keynote speaker and judge at the European Six Sigma Awards. He has helped introduce lean to organisations across the public and private sectors, including education, manufacturing, professional services, finance and  digital marketing.

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