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South West Growth Service delivers services to organisations of all shapes and sizes. You can find more information about these below, and please contact us to discuss how we can help your business adapt, develop and grow.

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We have practical experience of running public and private sector organisations, and with our combined skills are well placed to guide and advise our clients on the whole business lifecycle, from start-up to exit. We make great efforts to understand your business so that we can deploy the best expertise available through our own capability or, where appropriate, partners.

Amongst the hundreds of business tools we refer to, we often talk with businesses about their "S-Curve", a model which allows business owners to anticipate the next issues they may face so that they can plan accordingly.   


We support businesses with the right coaches for their needs - placing great emphasis on ensuring there is exceptional rapport between the coach and the staff member. We focus on where individuals want (or need) to go in the future and support them to achieve their goals effectively and quickly.  Some of our coaching relationships have allowed the business to achieve significant growth through making better decisions.


Having experienced a great deal of training in our years in business, we focus on the delivery of highly interactive training that delivers impact and is straightforward to take away and implement in the business. Within the team we are experienced in the following:

  • Business strategy and planning
  • Operational excellence and lean process improvement
  • Employee engagement and optimising team dynamics 
  • Developing staff into managers and managers into leaders
  • Brand development and brand management
  • Marketing, sales and business development
  • Exit planning


Having worked around the world as well as more recently here in the South West, our team brings a wealth of knowledge and connectivity. We are also passionate about continuing to learn and to share good thinking and business practice with each other, with our clients and with those around us.

Our aim is to share this knowledge for the greater good of businesses across the South West which we do by running a range of events with partners and collaborators as well as being invited to speak at external events and within businesses.

We listen, we reflect, we resolve